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Publication Ackowledgement

What better way to mark half a century of activism than to invite some expert testimony on the long quest for freedom?  To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Women’s Freedom Center in 2024, we’d like to invite you to join us in a creative year-long project.  Participation is open to all survivors in our community who’ve experienced domestic or sexual violence, harassment, or sex trafficking, at any age in their lives. 

As advocates, we’ve had a rare privilege in getting to hear many brilliant, unforgettable stories over time.  But survivors themselves don’t always hear or see just how welcome, and even life-changing their own healing wisdom can be in our wider community.  While harm and trauma necessarily make more of the news, we know there’s been a powerful current of hope and change flowing right through our community too.

Maybe YOUR healing story has

–significantly altered your approach to parenting, or teaching the next generation

–transformed your view of gender roles & stereotypes, and the birthright to be our authentic selves

–asked you to take exquisite care, reweaving trust in yourself & your choices, because self-trust is so often undermined by abusive partners.

In whatever way this project might speak to you, we invite you to highlight some of your own unique journey.