Are You Being Trafficked?

Human trafficking victims are often hidden in plain sight. Some signs of trafficking may be more obvious than others. If any of these questions sound like you, you may be in a trafficking situation.

    • Is someone forcing you to perform sexual acts that you don’t want to do?
    • Were you tricked into selling sex thinking you would be doing something different?
    • Can you come and go whenever you want?
    • Do you have a debt to someone that you can’t pay off?
    • Has anyone threatened to hurt you, your family, or friends if you refused to sell sex?
    • Is anyone physically or sexually abusing you?
    • Has anyone taken sexual photos of you to post online?
    • Does anyone take all or part of the money that you earn?
    • Is someone holding your ID for you?

Confidential Support for Sex Trafficking Victims

Human traffickers use violence, threats, and lies to force people to sell sex against their will.

We can help you find safety and support.