• Shelter Wishlist

    Your donations contribute to our shelters and local women and children in transition.  Your support makes a huge difference for these families, thank you!

    To make a monetary gift:  Click here
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    Wishlist for Shelter Goods

    • Gift Cards GO A LONG WAY….  Suggestions include gas cards, food cards, grocery stores, local pizza places, bakeries, restaurants.
    • Tracfone minutes:  60-minute refill cards are the most useful!
    • Trundle bed  (For moms to sleep next to kids)
    • Extra-long twin bed sheets
    • Fluffy, nice, clean comforters (new is best!)
    • New towels
    • Tampons, pads, etc.
    • Monetary donations to help us continue providing resources, support, and shelter:   Click here to give (Thank you!)


    Gift Wishlist for Women in Shelter

    Quantity of 10-15 gives a holiday gift to all women in shelter (Though we can always use extra!)

    • Personal care items you would give to a loved one – soaps, lotions, nail-care kits, etc.
    • Gift sets- chocolate, cheese, teas, other treats
    • Decorative scarves, nice/new winter scarves, gloves, hats, etc.
    • Umbrellas (not flashy designs)
    • Day planners for 2019 (smaller size is better)
    • Nice journals (smaller size is better)
    • Thoughtful notes / holiday cards

    Gift Wishlist for Specific Children

    • Metal fidget spinners (2 needed)
    • New paint brush /art supplies, scissors & measuring tape
    • Magic cards
    • Basketball hoop for door & ball


    Shelter Wishlist for Kids and Teens

    – Fort-building kit, e.g. with tubes and connectors, to build structures that pieces of fabric can be added to. (Lots of options on Amazon)

    – Over-the-door basketball hoop and soft, squishy basketball  (like this one)

    – Little people, animals, and furniture (the chunky kind babies can’t choke on) for our dollhouses and toy barns

    – Non-traditional dolls– e.g. people of color, with disabilities, male, elders, different body shapes and sizes, various ethnicities.  Like these  or this one  or feminist dolls:)

    – Kids’ tablets with games but no Internet access, and headphones (for activities while moms are meeting with advocates)

    – Metal fidget spinners (2 – 5 spinners)

    – Good quality fine-tip markers, pens, colored pencils, etc., for use with adult coloring pages (But we are all set with crayons and kid markers)

    – Tape – Scotch, washi, masking, duct, masking, etc.

    – Basketball, football, baseball and glove, soccer ball and goal nets

    – Full-sized keyboard (with headphone plug in)

    – Kids/Teens Headphones  (for activities while moms are meeting with advocates)

    In general, we want toys that:
    •         Are sturdy and durable
    •         Encourage safe, active play
    •         Encourage creativity
    •         Do not have a lot of small parts that could get lost or be a choking hazard
    •         Do not promote gender stereotypes, and are not excessively pink or blue
    •         Are non-violent

    Some ideas here:  https://www.amightygirl.com


    Items/Donations We DO NOT Want/Need:

    • Clothing– We have no storage space at the shelter for clothes. Please donate sellable clothing to Experienced Goods in Brattleboro- they support our shelters as needed, so everyone benefits!
    • Sheets that are not Extra Long Twin size
    • Pillows
    • Dining china, teacups, anything antique or easily breakable

    - Toys we can NOT accept in the shelter:  

    • Stuffed animals* (we have enough)
    • Puzzles* (get lost too easily)
    • Board Games* in general (get lost too easily)
    • Card games* in general (get lost too easily)
    • Legos or other building sets with small pieces* (get lost/choking hazards)
    • Crayons and markers* (we have enough)
    • Super heroes, princesses, Disney, or commercial characters in general
    • Toy weapons
    • Toys or books that perpetuate sexist stereotypes
    • Toys that need batteries and make a lot of noise
    • Choking hazards like marbles, jacks, bouncy balls, etc.
    • Balloons (unsafe)

    [*Starred items that are new/unopened can be given as holiday gifts to specific children, just not as donations to the shelter playroom.]

    Thank You!

    If you are interested in donating any of these items or have questions about other material goods you’d like to donate please contact us at development@womensfreedomcenter.net or call 802-257-7364 (Mon-Friday) for more information.

    Mailing address:

    Women’s Freedom Center
    P.O. Box 933
    Brattleboro, VT 05302